Salt and Time

The scientific community now knows so much about the bacteria involved in vegetable fermentation... all that knowledge definitely needs to be factored into fermenting foods and developing fermented food recipes. Let us spread the best fermentation methods and recipes we can, by focusing on microbiology. Microbes are the ones doing all the work anyways. 

Fermented Bread and Butter Pickles

For a while we were racking our brains to post an amazing pickle recipe that is different from the pickles we sell. We finally have one, and these pickles are absolutely delicious!  Let me start off by saying these pickles will not be a sugary type of sweet like most bread and butter pickles. There is no sugar, honey or sweeteners added. This recipe is inspired from the spices found in bread and butter pickles with some more "sweet" spices added.

98 % Vegan

You've seen us post recipes including animal products only a few times, right? Our products are all vegan, our instagram is pretty much just vegetables and organic tofu... So what are we? Vegetarian, Vegan, Omnivores? Honestly we don't fall into any of these categories... yet. 

Probiotic Summer Rolls

Summer rolls are 100% our favorite way to get a heaping dose of many prebiotic foods. Essentially a summer rolls is just a bunch of nutritious veggies rolled into rice paper. We love summer rolls so much because they're a fun, fresh and tasty way to eat a lot of raw veggies. This recipe also includes our recipe for our absolute FAVORITE summer roll dipping sauce, and it's probiotic too! 

Fermented Zucchini Spirals

This time of year in South Louisiana means lots and lots of zucchini is on the way... and this time of year lasts for quite a few months. Sometimes I have so much zucchini from my family member farmers and the farmers market that I run out of freezer room for chopped frozen zucchini... honestly by the end of zucchini season I've run out of ideas on ways to cook it anyways.