adj. Characterized by refined taste and manners and good education; Bacteria grown or propagated.


n. a teacher or a guide that you trust; a person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject. 


The Gurus


Thank you for exploring our website and visiting this page to read more about us!

We are are microbiologist and photographer duo, and we are so passionate about fermentation, healthy eating, and showing the world that microbes are a beautiful, necessary part of everyday life. 


After graduating from LSU, we desired to find enjoyable jobs in our respective fields of study (Kaitlynn in Microbiology and Jon in Marketing and Photography). After discovering that this was harder to accomplish than we thought, we decided to form our own path... which brings you to this website today! We started our own blog and business, Cultured Guru, and we've been loving life ever since! 

These days we enjoy blogging about about gut health, the microbiome, and holistic health; and that leads us to all kinds of fun educational topics. We now use our blog to educate others on the science of fermented foods, how to make fermented foods, eating healthier, living a balanced lifestyle and much more!

We also own and operate our brand of fermented foods. Launched in 2016, Cultured Guru is Baton Rouge and Louisiana's first commercial fermented foods company. We incorporate our products into as many recipe blogs as possible. This helps us to show our readers that nourishing your gut can be easy, fun, nutritional and delicious.

Our current mission is to share our sustainable, probiotic, nourishing fermented foods with the world while educating people about the relevance and necessity of microbes and microbiome health in our daily lives. We guess you can just call us a couple of Cultured Gurus! 


Lets get personal:

  • My full name is Jon Scott Chachere II. Professionally known as Jon. Some people call me Scott and a lot of people call me Scotty. 

  • I take "I like to take pictures of my food" way too seriously.

  • I once got thrown out of the House of Blues for crowd surfing

  • I am a tech geek and camera nerd. 

  • I do all the photography, design and editing for Cultured Guru, and I am a professional "food taster".

  • I adopted my first dog from the shelter and we just made 4 years together! 


I'm Basically a huge nerd 

  • BSc Degree in Microbiology from LSU + 1 year of graduate studies in Virology.

  • My favorite thing to do at work is to use my microscope to monitor fermentations. 

  • I am a "professional" succulent gardener & I container garden our own vegetables.

  • I own about 27 Microbiology textbooks that I enjoy referencing to write blogs! 🤓

  • My favorite books to get acquainted with your microbiome are:

  • I like to read scientific papers while drinking green tea in the morning.

  • I'm gifted in the art of plating food beautifully. 


Want to Work With Us?

We are always looking for great brands and people to collaborate with. We are content creators who love to work with other brands that align with our own brand’s mission. Working with other bloggers is fun too! If you would like to review our fermented food products for your blog, just contact us.