Summer Peach Kombucha with Pomegranate and Mint

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This sweet summer pomegranate and peach kombucha is the perfect refreshing drink for summer. This pomegranate peach kombucha recipe is for a second fermentation flavoring and carbonation.



  1. How much juice you need depends on how many bottles you would like to make. For a 1-liter bottle, you will need about 3 peaches, 1 small mint sprig and 2 cups of pomegranate juice.
  2. Heat the juice, peaches and mint in a small pot until it simmers and the peaches soften. Strain out the peaches and mint, and let the juice cool.
  3. Fill a 1-liter swing top bottle about 3/4ths full with fermented sweet tea from primary fermentation.
  4. Top off the bottle with the juice mixture so that there is about an inch of headspace left in the bottle.
  5. Secure the bottle lid and gently invert it a couple times to mix.
  6. Allow it to ferment at room temperature (70-80 degrees F) for 5 Days.
  7. Carefully open the lid to see if it is carbonated to your liking. If it is refrigerate, if not continue to ferment for a few more days, then carefully check the carbonation again.
  8. Keep refrigerated