Sparkling Golden Beet Kvass Made the Traditional Way

This golden beet kvass tastes good because it is made the traditional Russian way, with sugar! Beetroot kvass is a sweet and tart sparkling drink made from beets, sugar, water, and rye bread.



Part One

  • 3 large gold beets, rinsed and sliced
  • 150 grams organic cane sugar
  • filtered water
  • 1 small piece crusty rye bread

Part Two

  • Strained kvass from part 1
  • 20 grams maple syrup


Part One

  1. Clean and sterilize your glass jar.
  2. Scrub any dirt off the beets and rinse clean with cool water. Slice the beets and set aside.
  3. Add the beets and sugar to the jar. Fill the jar with filtered water. Stir to combine until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. Add the small piece of rye bread (optional).
  5. Cover with a cloth lid, and allow to ferment for 3-4 days at room temperature (about 75° F).
  6. Stir the mixture twice a day with a clean utensil during the 3-4 days.
  7. You should see it begin to bubble within 24-48 hours. You’ll also notice the mixture become cloudy and vibrant in color.

Part Two

  1. After 3-4 days, strain and reserve the liquid from the fermented beet mixture. I suggest straining through a cheesecloth-lined colander. 
  2. Using a funnel, add 20 grams organic maple syrup to your pressure-safe bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with the strained fermented liquid from part one, leaving only a little head space, about 1/2 an inch.
  4. Allow it to ferment and carbonate in the bottle for 2-3 days, then store it in the fridge. You can check the carbonation at 2 days by carefully opening the bottle in the sink. If it is not as bubbly as you would like it, allow it to ferment at room temperature longer.
  5. Enjoy chilled.


  • Optional: you can add 1/4 teaspoon cider yeast or a tablespoon of kombucha to part one.
  • If it is cold in your home, Part one and two may take longer. Once the mixture in part one becomes cloudy, vibrant and bubbly, and ferments like that for at least 48 hours, you can move on to part two.
  • yes, you can use red beets instead of gold

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