Green Onion Kimchi Inspired Fermented Relish

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Light, sour, briny, and full of delicious onion flavor. You’re going to love this green onion kimchi inspired fermented relish. Use it anywhere you would use kimchi.


  • 325 grams green onions, chopped
  • 175 grams cucumbers, minced
  • 1015 grams Kimchi spice blend (or to taste)*
  • 150 grams filtered water
  • 23 grams unrefined sea salt


  1. This recipe at 1x fits best in a 25-ounce jar.
  2. Wash your fermentation equipment (jar, weight, and lid)
  3. Mince the green onions, tops and bulbs, (removing the roots), and lightly rinse with cool water removing any dirt.
  4. De-seed the cucumber and mince it.
  5. Place your kitchen scale on the counter. Turn it on and set it to weigh in grams.
  6. Place a mixing bowl on your kitchen scale and tare/zero the scale.
  7. Add the designated amounts green onions, cucumber and spice blend.
  8. Remove the bowl from the scale and set it aside.
  9. Place a small, empty bowl on your scale and tare/zero the scale. Weigh out the salt.
  10. Add the salt into the bowl with the green onions and cucumber and mix with your hands until it becomes wet.
  11. Place your empty, clean jar on the scale, and tare/zero the scale. Make sure your scale is still set to grams, and add the designated amount of filtered water to your jar.
  12. Add the water into the bowl with the green onions and cucumber salt. Mix everything well.
  13. Add the entire contents of the bowl into your jar, and pack everything down. (If you have a large cabbage leaf, you can stick that in the top of the jar to help hold all the onion pieces down).
  14. Place your glass fermentation weight in the jar, submerging everything and the weight fully into the liquid.
  15. Secure the lid to the jar.
  16. Ferment for 14-21 days, then refrigerate. Don’t forget to burp the jar daily during the bubbly phase. You can place the jar on a plate to catch any drips.


  • See the blog post above this recipe for kimchi spice blend directions.