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Launched in 2016, Cultured Guru is Baton Rouge and Louisiana's first commercial fermented foods company. Wholesome, nourishing fermented foods start with exceptional ingredients! Cultured Guru only uses fresh ingredients and organic ingredients to traditionally ferment foods. We source our produce as locally as possible to maintain a sustainable practice.  Our products are made naturally through wild fermentation. Using only solar evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, purified water, fresh vegetables and some help from wild probiotic microbes we are able to create nourishing, delicious, probiotic fermented foods.  We only ferment in small batches, and co-owner & microbiologist, Kaitlynn checks our ferments using microscopy, biochemical testing, and metabolic testing at every stage of the fermentation process. This ensure that Cultured Guru Fermented Foods are the highest quality, healthiest & most probiotic fermented foods on the market! 


Why Cultured Guru? 

Science Meets Beautiful Branding

With 14,600 + instagram followers and a growing blog following, stocking Cultured Guru in your store is an easy marketing decision. Cultured Guru creates all branding, marketing materials, and product photographs in house. This means that we easily achieve a cohesive brand, ideal for marketing our products. We keep our customers engaged with us by running our own social media accounts consistently with a beautiful aesthetic. We've created a product brand that easily captivates customers. We also provide stores with in store signage and brilliantly designed materials to help market products. 

We are a microbiologist owned company. All of our products are made with probiotic microbes as the focus. All food products are tested using microbiological techniques to identify the quantity and species of probiotic bacteria present in our products. All fermentation kits were designed so that users end up with only the healthiest fermented vegetables. 

When beautiful branding meets science, our products speak for themselves. 

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