“Cultured Guru Sauerkraut Makes Me Truly Excited to Drown My Gut in Probiotics”

Its saltiness, brightness, and just-right tang made me wonder how I ever gave up on sauerkraut. It tasted and crunched like fresh cabbage (!!) after three-ish weeks of fermentation. 

— Healthyish

“Shattering the taboo”

Kaitlynn is shattering the taboo surrounding bacteria through the science of food fermentation and promoting good bacteria consumption!

— Power Pump Girls

“The perfect quick snack”

Both the kraut and pickles have just a few simple ingredients and taste amazing! Using traditional fermentation these products are teaming with probiotics. They make great additions to a meal or are the perfect quick snack.

— Just Take a Bite Blog

Local upstart Cultured Guru is spreading the good news of good bacteria to the masses, one jar of pickles at a time. Their jars of all-natural, locally sourced, wild fermented goodies are filled with trillions of probiotics to kickstart a stalled-out gut and keep your digestive system moving. And they’re tasty, too.

— 225 Baton Rouge

“The taste is divine”

Received my kimchi this morning. Well packed to survive the trip and chilled with a cold pack. The taste is divine and fires up the internal heat. Many thanks.

— L.O.

“I am now a customer for life!”

I tried the kimchi tonight for the first time, and I am now a customer for life. The flavors are balanced perfectly, the packaging is great, and the ordering process easy and quick. Thank you for this product! Can't wait to try more!

— A.V.

“Great job making food fermentation much more accessible.”

This was an amazing event put on by Cultured Guru and the LIBRARY! They did a great job making food fermentation much more accessible and understandable. Thank you!

Weigh your salt, people!!!

— D.L.

“Passionate about microbes and how they can help us live healthier.”

Kaitlynn is a proud LSU alum. After graduating with a degree in microbiology, Kaitlynn teamed up with LSU digital advertising alum Scott Chachere to bring together microbes, fermentation and healthy foods. Kaitlynn is passionate about microbes and how they can help us live healthier.

— LSU College of Science


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