Cultured Guru
American Society for Microbiology

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CULTURES magazine is a magazine published by the American Society for Microbiology. This specific issue focuses on microbiologist's who have unconventional careers in their field. Our microbiologist, Kaitlynn, was featured for her continued work in fermentation science. We constantly push to give correct and scientifically backed information to our readers so they can safely make and enjoy their own fermented foods. Being recognized and being associated with this publication is a huge accomplishment for Cultured Guru.


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Kaitlynn's Alma Mater (specifically the College of Science) reached out to her because of her unconventional career she is forming for herself int he field of microbiology. She discusses how Cultured Guru came to be, how we got started and what things are in it's future. Being recognized by the College of Science is very exciting for us. We always strive to be educators in our field and this will help us build trust with people just finding out about us. 


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Christina Leo, community writer for InRegister magazine, talks with us about the current fermented foods trend that is happening in Baton Rouge. Beyond Cultured Guru, scientists from LSU and health professionals are also realizing the importance of establishing a good gut microbiome. We discuss our strategy behind our business and go in depth regarding how our fermentation process is done.

225 Magazine

In a Pickle With Cultured Guru

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If you think you know pickles, think again. This article, featured in one of Baton Rouge's most popular publications dives in to the process of how Cultured Guru creates their products. Kaci Yoder sits down with us and outlines the ideology behind this business and what drives us to keep going every day. We were also featured in 225 Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide for 2016!

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Microbial Universe

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This was our first ever appearance in a magazine. Lucie Monk Carter, food editor at Country Roads Magazine, reached out to us after participating in a sauerkraut making class at Red Stick Spice Company. She was fascinated by what we were trying to accomplish and wanted to write a feature story about us. This article covers everything from how we got started to where we plan to be in the future. It also covers how our personal lives intertwined to enable us to embark on this incredible journey. 

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LSU Alumna Teaches Microbiology Cooking Classes

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After many sauerkraut classes taught by Kaitlynn, we received a phone call from "The Daily Reveille," a daily campus newspaper for Louisiana State University. The story was featured on the front page and outlines the incredible health benefits that come from eating probiotic foods. It also describes our first blog and how it evolved into Cultured Guru.