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Launched in 2016, Cultured Guru is Baton Rouge and Louisiana's first commercial fermented foods company. Wholesome, nourishing fermented foods start with exceptional ingredients! Cultured Guru only uses fresh ingredients and organic ingredients to traditionally ferment foods. We source our produce as locally as possible to maintain a sustainable practice.  Our products are made naturally through wild fermentation. Using only solar evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, purified water, fresh vegetables and some help from wild probiotic microbes we are able to create nourishing, delicious, probiotic fermented foods.  We only ferment in small batches, and co-owner & microbiologist, Kaitlynn checks our ferments using microscopy, biochemical testing, and metabolic testing at every stage of the fermentation process. This ensure that Cultured Guru Fermented Foods are the best probiotic fermented foods on the market! Backed by science and cultured with care, we only provide the healthiest fermented foods to our customers. 


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Cultured Guru started as the passion project of a microbiologist and a photographer. We began as a lifestyle blog dedicated to showing the world that microorganisms are pertinent to every aspect of life, and especially to human health and happiness. On a mission to bring about more appreciation for the wondrous microbial universe we live in, we began to incorporate fermented foods into all of our blog worthy meals and recipes. Our fermented foods have brought us tremendous health benefits and tons of fun food experiences. Therefore, we have expanded our mission: to share our sustainable,  probiotic, nourishing foods with the world while educating people about the relevance and necessity of microbes in our daily lives.

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We absolutely adore creating delicious recipes that incorporate fermented foods. Our blog is full of fun, healthy and wholesome recipes along with tons of microbe-centered information. Discover fun ways to use our products and much more! 

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