A Healthy Microbiome is Key to Overall Health

Majority of life on Earth is microbial. There are more microbes on this planet than there are stars in the sky, and the good microbes far outweigh the bad. Over time humans have taken a serious toll on the probiotic bacteria that actually protect us from disease and promote health. To thrive and maintain optimal health, we need beneficial microorganisms on us, inside of us and all around us. This necessity and purpose of microbes in our world often gets overlooked, but we are here to change that. Our mission: To share our sustainable, probiotic, nourishing foods with the world while educating people about the relevance and necessity of microbes & microbiome health in our daily lives. A healthy microbiome is vital for proper nutrient absorption, mental wellness, immune function, and digestive health. The best way to maintain a healthy population of good microbes in your body is to regularly eat wild fermented foods. Our wild fermented foods contain the most species rich probiotic populations that withstand the digestive journey, are packed with essential vitamins, are sustainably produced, and you can pair them with just about any meal! 

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Quality Ingredients

Launched in 2016, Cultured Guru is Baton Rouge and Louisiana's first commercial fermented foods company. Cultured Guru only uses fresh, non-GMO ingredients and organic ingredients to traditionally ferment foods. Supporting the Gulf Coast, we source our ingredients from local farmers when accessible and in season. During other times of the year, we source our ingredients as locally as possible to maintain a sustainable practice. All of the spices used in our fermented products are Fair-Trade Organic. We want to give our customers crisp, crunchy and delicious fermented vegetables. Most of all, we want to bring a nutritious, wholesome source of probiotics to your table. 

Cultured Guru products never contain added cultures, preservatives, or artificial anything. Ever. The microbes that help us produce our delicious products come only from the vegetables and the earth in which they were grown. We harness the process of bacterial succession to select for the best, natural probiotic microbes to thrive in our ferments. These friendly bacteria are various species of Lactobacillus and they produce lactic acid, the pleasantly sour substance that preserves the vegetables!

Our process is not pickling. It's tastier, safer and more nutritious; it's fermenting! We use a minimal amount of ingredients: solar evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean, purified water, fresh vegetables and only wild probiotic microbes. We ferment in small batches and every product is observed using microscopy and microbiological testing by the person who makes the fermented vegetables. This ensures first hand probiotic presence and quality. 


Our Process

Our fermentation technique draws from traditional, wild fermentation methods. However, unlike most fermentation information out there, our process is grounded in the science of microbiology. Our method was developed by Microbiologist and co-founder of Cultured Guru, Kaitlynn. Vegetable fermentation is not an untouchable, mysterious, magical occurrence. It is a process ruled by microbial living parameters and metabolism. Only when done properly are fermented foods safe, beneficial and perfectly delicious. 

When we talk about fermenting vegetables, we are specifically referring to a microbial process called lactic acid fermentation. This particular fermentation occurs when very specific salt concentrations are added to vegetables so that certain bacteria thrive and produce lactic acid, the pleasantly sour substance that actually preserves the vegetables.  The microbes that help us produce our delicious products come only from the vegetables and the earth in which they were grown. 

 For the best probiotic microbes to flourish and produce lactic acid we harness the delicate process of bacterial succession.  Bacterial Succession starts when the growth and metabolism of one bacterial species increases, permanently altering the environment. This leads to the death of that species and the take over of a different type of bacteria. As one type of bacteria dies off, the next type takes over until the ferment reaches a point with perfect living conditions for various species of Lactobacillus (which are the probiotic, lactic acid producing bacteria). When using wild natural microbes to produce fermented foods, bacterial succession takes time and occurs in three stages that take three to four weeks. Kaitlynn checks our ferments using microscopy, biochemical testing, and microbial metabolic testing at every stage of the fermentation process to ensure safety and natural probiotic quality in every batch. 

We are a sustainable company using only the best ingredients, so it is only natural that we produce our fermented foods in safe, natural fermentation vessels. We ferment our products in untreated American White Oak barrels.  Our products, from our farm to consumer, only contact safe, non-toxic, sustainably produced, natural materials. 

Backed by science and cultured with care, we only provide the most nourishing, probiotic fermented foods to our customers.