Vegan Kimchi Mac & Cheese

Vegan + Probiotic + Prebiotic + GF

We weren't always plant based. Plant based eating is fairly new to our lives as of this year, and we are LOVING it. We don't really miss meat or dairy at all. Scotty even says "I just want vegetables" all the time... which I love. Having a nourished gut through probiotic fermented foods certainly helps. 

But once upon a time when we weren't living plant based, we used to do this terribly unhealthy thing and eat a sh*t ton of mac & cheese with kimchi in it. At least there was kimchi in it??? LOL. There is this frozen mac and cheese from Trader Joe's and one of our favorite things to do was to cook it and then dump heaping spoonfuls of kimchi in. Not exactly the healthiest choice. 

Well, great news! I missed kimchi mac and cheese so much that I made a vegan version, and it turned out fantastic... just as delicious and WAY healthier. I actually like it better. The base for the vegan cheese  is pumpkin and sweet potato, which makes the vegan cheese sauce quite nutrient dense and even packed with prebiotic fiber. It's got lots of  Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, fiber, and Potassium. Plus with the addition of our Raw, Wild Fermented Kimchi it's teaming with probiotics! So glad we can now enjoy a gut healthy kimchi-mac.  

This recipe makes a great Thanksgiving side, or a side dish for pretty much anything. I love it as a side with my fresh spiraled vegetable salads and a veggie burger patty. Here's the recipe, Enjoy! 

Vegan Kimchi Mac

Vegan Kimchi Mac & Cheese




  1. In a pot over medium heat, bring about 6 quarts of water to a boil, and cook brown rice pasta according to instructions. Be careful not to overcook.
  2. Add the pumpkin, sweet potato, tamari, garlic, turmeric, kimchi brine, tahini, sunbutter, nutritonal yeast, and salt into your blender.
  3. Start to blend all of the ingridients for the vegan cheese sauce, adding small amounts of warm water as needed. Add just enough water so that it remains thick, but blends smooth. It should end up being thick like a smoothie. (see Photos)
  4. Add the vegan cheese sauce, the cooked pasta, and the half cup of kimchi to a large bowl and toss.
  5. The finsished product should look like our Kimchi mac and cheese in the pictures. Enjoy!  

Peace, Love and Probiotics,

Kaitlynn Fenley