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Top Five Hydration Tips for Gut Health, Glowing Skin, and Overall Health!

Top Five Hydration Tips for Gut Health, Glowing Skin, and Overall Health!

Hydration is absolutely vital for human health. After all, about 60% of the adult human body is water. That’s a lot.

For a while now Americans have been considered chronically dehydrated as a whole… I know that I was for a long time. If you’re wondering how to tell if you are dehydrated, there’s a quick and easy way to estimate how hydrated you are… just look at the color of your pee.

Anything darker then a very light yellow is not great on the hydration spectrum. If you are hydrated your urine should be somewhere between clear and “post-it note light canary yellow.” Once you approach banana yellow to orange you should definitely go drink some water.

Your body will let you know if you need to drink more water…

One of my worst childhood memories is the headaches I used to get. I have vague memories from kindergarten, and I remember getting home from school… and my twin sister and I would have debilitating migraines at the age of five. We would cry and vomit after school sometimes because our heads hurt so bad, and my sweet mom would nurse us back to health with water and ample snacks. Looking back now, I know that those awful headaches were the result of dehydration. I would go to school for eight hours and only drink a carton of milk at lunch. There were water fountains of course, but I didn’t like drinking out of them because all the kids said that there were cooties on them. Ridiculous. 🙄 ugh… poor young me.

I never drank much soda growing up. I grew up drinking the usual 90s kid drinks: lemonade, kool-aid (not much better than soda), tea, milk and sometimes water. The 90s weren’t exactly the age of health and wellness and endless internet wellness advice.

My journey to hydration

I first started drinking the proper amount of water in college. My best friend and roommate at the time ALWAYS drank water, and she always had a cute water bottle full of water with her. So I got a cute water bottle too, and started bringing it everywhere. Before I knew it, I was feeling more awake and energetic than usual. Thus my love of hydration began.

Lime Water
Lemon Water

Now water drinking is in the top three priorities of my day:

1. Drink water, 2. Eat real food, 3. Exercise.

These are my three top priorities because they keep my body and mind in the best shape possible, which is completely necessary to maintain all other areas of my life. When I healed my own eczema naturally, drinking enough water became one of the top 5 things in my skin care routine.

Staying hydrated sounds like a piece of cake, but it can be rather challenging. Especially if it’s new for you. So here are my top five tips for staying hydrated and making water drinking a routine.

Hydration Tips

1. Get a Reusable Water Bottle!

Getting a reusable water bottle is what started my love affair with water drinking. I never really enjoyed drinking out of water fountains at school and such because it always felt like a great way to catch a cold. My absolute favorite water bottle I’ve ever had is my light pink S’well bottle with a sports cap. I bring it everywhere, its perfect for the gym, and it keeps my water nice and cold!


2. Try Fruit Infused Water & Mix Things Up! (Naturally!)


I love to put many different fruits in my water, but mainly I go for citrus fruits. My favorites are grapefruit, lemon and lime. I do lemon water about 90% of the time because it’s the favorite of my favorites. I enjoy fresh squeezed lemon, but I sometimes get organic lemon juice for an easier morning lemon water.

Lately, I’ve been giving my fruit infused waters a little nutritional boost by adding a tablespoon of chia seeds! I love it, it almost makes me think of bubble tea but with tiny chia seeds instead of tapioca.

3. Use Water in Smoothies

I used to think you had to use plant based milk in smoothies in order for them to be creamy and delicious. Well that was WRONG. I now only use water in my vegan protein smoothies and I love it! It’s more hydrating, still thick and creamy, energizing and it cuts excess calories.

I always have the same base for my smoothies: 1 frozen banana, 1-2 cups of cold water, 1 scoop organic vegan pea protein powder. Then I flavor it in different ways. Sometimes I add greens, sometimes I go for a cocoa and maca smoothie, and sometimes various other seasonal fruits.

4. Drink Water As Soon As You Wake Up & During Meals

While trying everything under the sun to heal my own eczema naturally, I started drinking a quart of lemon water every morning. This changed my life and my skin. Before doing anything else in the morning, I pull out my quart sized mason jar and reusable straw and pour myself a quart of lemon infused water. For me, this helps me to wake up, it decreases puffiness and it helps with healthy bowel movements.

It seems obvious to drink water during meals, but a lot of people don’t. Sometimes I find myself scarfing down my food and not drinking the whole time I eat. For proper digestion and gut health it’s good to drink water while eating. I like to split my meal into fourths in my head, and I make sure that I at least drink a few sips of water after eating each 1/4 portion of my meal.

5. Get a Refrigerated Water Filter Pitcher

Since I have a reusable water bottle, I fill it up out in public often. Sometimes at restaurants and sometimes at the water bottle refill stations at the gym. I don’t mind drinking unfiltered tap water every now and then, but in our home I prefer to filter our tap water. We live in an OLD apartment as of right now, with VERY old pipes and who knows what is in the water here because it tastes not amazing. We have a simple and affordable water filter pitcher that we keep in the fridge. It’s pretty big, but since we drink so much water we fill it up about three times a day.


Happy hydrating!

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