Recycle Our Jars: Terrarium

This is the very first edition of our Recycle our Jars blog series! This blog series started so that we can provide fun, sustainable ways to reuse our fermented food jars after you've eaten all the probiotic goodness!

We love love love gardening and collecting plants just as much as we love sustainability. With air plants gaining popularity, we found a couple at our local nursery and decided that their perfect home would be empty Cultured Guru jars! Since we enjoy (and oftentimes collect) lichens on our outdoor adventures, we figured they would also make a great addition to an air plant terrarium! You can read about why the fluffy greenish-blue lichens growing on trees and rocks are such great organisms here.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


Small pebbles,  one empty Cultured Guru jar, 1 or 2 air plants, 3-4 Lichens, twine, and a spray bottle of water.



Remove the label and wash the jar. Add small pebbles to fill about 1/3 the jar. First arrange the lichens in the jar how you would like, then indent a small hole in the pebbles using your finger. Place the air plant snugly in the hole. Add twine around the jar and mist the air plant and lichens with a bit of water. Thoroughly mist the your terrarium once a week. 

These cute plants and microbes don't need much sunlight, or much attention so they make great additions to office desks, work spaces or kitchens! Aren't they just cute?! 


Peace, Love & Microbes,