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Easy Recipe for Fermented Carrots | Naturally Fermented Carrot Sticks

The way we ferment carrots is different from the way we ferment other vegetables. Since carrots are a root vegetable with more sugars than cruciferous vegetables, they need to be fermented in a different way to ensure a safe, preserved vegetable product. For this recipe we used already acidified, probiotic sauerkraut brine in addition to raw apple cider vinegar and a short fermentation time to produce naturally probiotic fermented carrots.

Fermented Foods | The Best Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe | How to Make Sauerkraut in a Mason Jar

Homemade Sauerkraut... definitely the best place to start when learning how to ferment at home. Sauerkraut is particularly easy for a first fermentation project because cabbage ferments extremely well. The water content along with the microbial species richness of cabbage make it optimal for wild fermentation! With this recipe you'll learn how to make the best, most probiotic homemade sauerkraut in a mason jar. If you're a visual learner there is also a picture guide below the recipe!