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Cultured Guru is an Educational Health & Wellness Brand and a Fermentation Company.

Created and Operated by Microbiologist Kaitlynn Fenley and Photographer Jon Scott Chachere II.

Cultured Guru Holiday Gift Guide

Cultured Guru Holiday Gift Guide

The Complete Guide to Microbiome Friendly Gifts

This is a gift guide by Cultured Guru Fermented foods, including products that are eco friendly and great for microbiome health. 

Sapovela Soap

Scotty and I have been using Sapovela soap for almost a year now, and it is the best soap we've ever used. We refuse to use anything but Sapovela. Our favorite scent is the Rosemary Eucalyptus. Being that Sapovela soaps are made only with plant based organic and natural ingredients, they are a great choice for presents and safe for the skin microbiome. 

A little more about Sapovela: "Sapovela is a small business in Lafayette, Louisiana specializing in the craft of plant based artisan soap and body products all made by hand using natural and organic ingredients at a great price. Safe body care products can be affordable!
Sapovela is also palm-oil free and cruelty free so we don't ever test on animals!" 

Visit their Etsy store to shop online! 


Microbiome Sequencing kit

The human microbiome is proving to be at the center of all areas of health, and  more research proves that each day. The composition of the gut microbiome is tied to whole body health, mental health and even happiness. More studies are even proving that the skin microbiome, and imbalances within it, is the cause of skin ailments like eczema and hives. Getting your microbiome sequenced can be quite expensive, but with kits like these its relatively affordable and easy. You just swab what you want sequenced and send it in! The gift of knowledge is always fun. 

These kits can be purchased here.


Fermented Foods Three Pack

Microbiome health starts with probiotics and prebiotics... and the best way to get a healthy dose of both is with wild fermented vegetables. Prebiotics come from plant fibers, and a jar full of vegetables (obviously)  if packed with lots of healthy plant fibers. Once veggies are wild fermented properly  they are teaming with beneficial bacteria. That's what makes fermented veggies a functional gift that keeps on giving!  

Find them here



Fermentation Salt

For the DIY fermenter in your life. This fermentation salt is a blend of the four most trace mineral rich salts, making it perfect for wild fermentation. At home fermentation is catching on and a lot of people are striving to DIY in the healthiest way possible, and it starts with high quality salt. 

Find it here


For the Yogi in your life

Whether it's for someone who already is a yoga master, or for someone who wants to get started practicing this new year, this recycled cork yoga mat is a fantastic gift. It's actually fun to have more than one yoga mat, so don't worry if the recipient already has a mat. The grip on a cork yoga mat is the best, and recycled cork as a material is super environmentally friendly to produce.

Find this Recycled cork yoga mat here


Toups & Co. Organics (formerly Crunchy Organics)

This gift idea deserves a bit of a back story: My first foray into essential oils, natural beauty products, and natural remedies came about because of a family I was close to during my teen years and early 20s... a large family, 9 kids, all of whom were ridiculously healthy and beautiful. One time, I scratched my ankle on a rock at the beach and had this nasty wound. The mother of this family pulled out these vials of strong smelling plant oils, started mixing things together and put some on my wound. The next day my ankle was healing, faster than any bump or scrape I'd ever had. Thus my fascination with essential oils and natural health was born.

 Anyways, the eldest daughter of this family, Emilie, is a superstar who manages to raise three children of her own and runs her own thriving business, Crunchy Organics. I told you that story to emphasize the fact that Crunchy Organics is rooted with a deep familial history of living and growing naturally. Her products are made with only the best organic and natural ingredients, and she is someone who can be trusted to only make products that are nourishing.  My favorite products are the balms. They are hydrating without being oily, and are perfect for nourished skin and a happy skin microbiome. Anything from Crunchy Organics would make a perfect gift. 

You can find all of her products here




Essential Oil Diffuser

I got my first essential oil diffuser in 2013, and this is the one I bought. I have to tell you it is one of my prized possessions, and I'm pretty sure it's what has saved me when I've gotten sick in the past. It's lasted and worked as well as the first day I got it for 4 years now. It's an ultrasound diffuser, so the essential oils stay intact and fully beneficial while you diffuse. Plus its easy to use, and way better for air quality and health than candles. This makes the perfect gift for the natural health lover in your life. 

You can find the essential oil diffuser here  



A Good Ole Book

This book is one of our favorites. It emphasizes the need for healthy microbes in daily life. It's a great learning tool and a must for anyone interested in microbiome health for welllness and happiness. 

Find it here.


Hydration is the Best

When we started our healthy journey, one of the most important things we did was drinking enough water everyday. Hydration is so important for proper muscel function, brain function and for a properly balanced microbiome. The thing that helps me stay hydrated the most is my swell bottle. It's a double walled bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold. It's also extremely durable, easy to bring places, eco friendly, and clean. There's many colors and patterns to choose from, also making these bottles quite beautiful. Let's face it, water tastes better out of a bottle that doesn't kill the planet. 

A swell bottle is a great gift option for almost anyone. 

Find them here


Homemade Ornaments

This is such a beautiful way to collect yearly ornaments. Scotty and I are on our second year living together, and our second christmas tree. Every year we are going to take a tree clipping, or a lot of tree clippings, and add them to a clear ornament. Then we will write the year on the bottom with a paint pen. This gives you a piece of christmas from every year you can add to your tree for many years to come.  There's also clear floral sprays, or glue sprays, you can use to preserve the tree clippings color. These make an adorable, memorable gift... if you can sneak a clipping from someone else's tree to make it for them : )


*All photos within this blog post are credited as property of the product producers, and websites of those producers, of which a referenced link is provided.
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