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Three Gut Healthy Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipes | Breakfast Sweet Potatoes Loaded with Fruit and Nut Butter + How to Bake the Perfect Sweet Potato

Tired of the same old breakfasts? Try one of these three vegan, gluten free breakfast sweet potato recipes! They’re so easy to make. Loaded baked sweet potatoes with protein rich nut butter and fiber rich fruit are SO great for gut health… and this is a breakfast that will keep you feeling full until lunch!

Louisiana Style Vegan Red Beans and Rice | Red Beans and Rice with Sautéed Southern Greens and Kimchi | Healthy Southern Recipe

One of my favorite budget friendly meals that results in enough servings for lunch the next day (score!) is red beans and rice with sautéed southern greens and kimchi. YUM!

This meal is my absolute favorite when we can get all the ingredients from our local farmers market, because everything is just so fresh and local. I love adding some of our Cultured Guru Kimchi to the sautéed southern greens side, because I find that I digest beans much easier when I eat fermented veggies with them.

Vegan Beet Burger Recipe | The Ultimate Grillable Vegan Burgers with Fermented Pickles

Since summer time, aka grilling season, is right around the corner we've been recipe developing to create a gut-heathy & grillable veggie burger. Sandwich like foods are notorious for being ugly in photographs, so in order for these blog pictures to be colorful and beautiful, we added shredded beets! These turned out to be the best veggie burgers we've ever made that do NOT fall apart on the grill! Obviously we used our Fermented Dill Pickles as a topping, adding billions of gut healthy probiotic bacteria to these yummy burgers! 

Thai Curry Soup Recipe | Food is Medicine | Health Benefits of Turmeric

We've really been enjoying rephotographing our blogs since we redesigned our website. I particularly enjoyed redoing this Thai Curry Soup Recipe, because I wasn't feeling very well (period problems). I take this approach of listening to my body, and I knew I needed something warm and nourishing with anti-inflammatory turmeric and our Fermented Kimchi. After all, food is medicine. Scott was of course on board because soup is his favorite food!

Vegan Healthy Potato Salad | Potato Salad Recipe with Fermented Dill Pickles

This vegan and gut healthy potato salad recipe is what I would consider an inspired-by version of German potato salad. I came up with this potato salad recipe while trying to find something creative to do with our probiotic, fermented pickles! Potatoes are a staple in our house, and are they super nutritious and great for gut microbiome health. So combining them with our Fermented Dill Pickles makes quite a healthy dish. 

Prebiotic Foods | Health Benefits of Brussels Sprouts & Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad Recipe

Brussels sprouts… most people either love them or hate them. They’re definitely a food worth loving though, because Brussels sprouts are one of the most nutrient dense vegetables you can eat!  They’re an amazing prebiotic foods, with significant health benefits. There are tons of fun Brussels sprouts recipes out there that you can try too, including an amazing one in this blog post!

Mapo Tofu with Kimchi | Vegan Tofu Recipe with Kimchi

Ma Po tofu is traditionally a dish from the Chinese province of Sichuan containing chili oils, fermented broad bean paste, a type of chili paste, fermented black beans and ground pork. There are many variations of Ma Po Tofu with flavors adapted to suit local flare or dietary restrictions. We left out the pork making our recipe vegan, used what ingredients we could find, and added Cultured Guru Kimchi for flavor and nutrients!